What Are the Different Types of Construction Equipment?

Excavators, Pile boring machines, Skid-steer loaders, and Off-highway trucks are all useful pieces of construction equipment. But what are their differences? If you consider construction equipment rental companies, here are a few things to know about each type of equipment. A well-trained professional can help you choose the best one for your project.


Excavators are versatile pieces of construction equipment. Their buckets are used to remove earth and debris from projects, and they can be equipped with various attachments to perform a variety of tasks. For example, they can be equipped with a rake to move soil or a long-reach bucket for stacking crushed cars. And because they are versatile, they can be used on both land and water.

Skid-steer loaders

A skid-steer loader is a small engine-powered machine equipped with lift arms to lift and move large objects. They also have tracks instead of wheels, making them multi-terrain loaders. These machines are used for lifting and moving materials and carrying and loading loads into trucks. These machines can also be fitted with ballast or a plain tamper to tamp the grade of a building.

Off-highway trucks

There are several types of construction equipment. Dumper trucks are one such type: open-top vehicles with a skip in front of the driver. Another type of heavy-duty dump truck is the tipper, a wheeled vehicle with an open-top body. Both types of dump trucks are used for hauling heavy materials, such as dirt, and are useful for construction sites. While each type of equipment has its use, they all share common traits.


There are many types of construction equipment, each with its purpose. Wheel loaders, for example, are used to move large amounts of material on construction sites. They have a bucket attached to the front end that can scoop up materials and move them from one place to another. Different types of attachments can be attached to telehandlers, including augers, backhoes, rippers, and cranes. Wheel loaders come in many sizes, from small and compact to large and heavy.

Pile boring machine

A pile boring machine is a piece of construction equipment that drives a pile in a specific direction. It can be mounted on a pontoon or fixed to a braced frame. The machine’s weight is increased by raising a heavy ram weight and dropping it on the pile’s head. As the ram falls, the kinetic energy of the fall transfers to the pile, forcing it to penetrate the ground.